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The Best Time In Your Cycle To Make Decisions

You've heard the advice to 'sleep on it' before deciding. Well, my advice is to 'bleed on it' before you make a decision.


Because when we are pre-menstrual we are not energetically and emotionally in the best space for making decisions. In our follicular phase of our cycle we tend to be more outwards focused on what helps others.

Your inner winter (the time of your bleed) can connect you with the wise women archetype energy, we are more internal and able to have the most clarity and access to our intuition.

I invite you to pause decisions and making plans until this time so you can really consult your inner wise woman.

P.S if you don't have a cycle you can use the lunar cycle instead, so this time would be the new moon.

My menstrual cycle tracking guide will show you can start to use either your menstrual cycle or lunar cycle to honour your energy and work in flow with your body.

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