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Love Your Breasts

What's your relationship to your breasts?

It might not even be something you have thought of or maybe you are acutely aware of this relationship.

As a womb practitioner I predominantly work with the heart throat womb, these 3 areas are energetically connected.

It's essential to open the heart first when it comes to womb connection so this is where we start.

By working first on opening and healing the heart we allow more capacity to receive love, pleasure and forgiveness and abundance in all areas.

When tuning into the heartspace we cannot ignore the breasts which are of course connected biologically and energetically.

Our heart chakra is related to love, relationships, compassion, forgiveness and grief.

Our breasts are the external connection between our more internal heart energy and another person.

Some ways you can start to cultivate a more loving relationship

❤ Change your language (this includes the inner dialogue) Speak only kind words about your breasts.

❤Mirror work. Look at your breasts first clothed and then bra-less and practice noticing without judging. Be curious, what do you notice? What do you like?

❤Treat yourself as you would a friend.

❤ "I accept you" repeat as a daily affirmation

❤ Hands on self breast massage with a beautiful smelling oil, we love Pussy Butter by Waands

❤ Heart chakra opening work

❤Release grief around breastfeeding

❤Breath into the heartspace

❤ Find support for trauma

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