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A yoni egg is a semi-precious stone intended to be placed inside the vagina for the purpose of strengthening & awakening the vagina & pelvic muscles. All yoni eggs by WAANDS™ are drilled, which means you can thread string through the egg for the purpose of easily removing it as well as applying resistance on the egg while it is inside the vagina. Applying this resistance in combination with bringing awareness to the pelvic muscles creates significant & fast improvements in vaginal strength & sensitivity.


Nephrite Jade supports the health of the female reproductive system. The structure of Nephrite Jade stone is very dense, thus it is heavier than many other stones, non-porous, and extremely resistant to breaking or cracking. It is known to bring emotional balance & stability, and it is also a protective stone.



  • Increasing internal sensitivity & pleasure
  • Reversing urinary incontinence
  • Increasing libido & sexual energy
  • Increasing vaginal circulation & lubrication
  • Becoming more orgasmic & experiencing stronger orgasms



  • Medium: 40 x 30mm (recommended for most beginners)
  • Large: 50 x 38mm (recommended for those who have given birth vaginally)



  • Made of 100% Pure Nephrite Jade Stone
  • GIA Certified


Yoni Egg String sold separately. Click here to view.

Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg


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