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Reclaim the Joy of Singing

I'm so excited to welcome you to Singing Mamas

We all have a voice and Singing Mamas invites you to use your voice with us, to make gorgeous music together and to feel great.

Singing releases feel good hormones that benefit both our physical and mental health.

Singing together with others in community has some many amazing benefits.

Your little ones are very welcome of course or come by yourself. We would also love to welcome some grandmas into the group so please share.


All women are welcome, not just mums.

Singing Mamas invites you to join us each week for 90 minutes of precious ‘me-time’.

No experience needed, all voices are welcome. There’s no ‘spotlight’, no audition, just an opportunity to forget the stresses of life, to sing for yourself, for each other and just ‘be’.

The details

Coming soon!

I've been taking a short break from Singing Mamas but the good news is it's coming back 

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Image by Mike Erskine

What people are saying...

Lindsay is such a welcoming, positive, understanding, genuine and incredibly talented individual. She has the ability to put you at ease, and is whole-heartedly accepting of whatever state you turn up in.

Singing Mamas has been an absolute life-line for me over the past few months, and to be able to bring along 2 toddlers into that beautiful, healing environment of music making is a blessing. Every mum should have the opportunity to sing with Lindsay! Keep being you Lindsay - you're a national treasure.

- Amy Roberts

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We Love Singing Mummas with Lindsay, it’s everything and more that I love to do with my boys. We sing healing songs that pop back up in your mind when you need them the most and we always leave feeling refreshed.

I would recommend Singing Mummas to absolutely anyone. I also love that it’s different to any other baby group and feels earthy and grounding

- Kelly Davey

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I have been attending Lindsay's singing group at the Beautiful Bear with my baby for a couple of months now and it is definitely one of the highlights of our week. This is not a typical baby group and is definitely very much designed for the mamas. Lindsay has a wonderful nurturing, calm presence and always makes us feel welcome. There is zero pressure to be "good" at singing, just come along with the voice you have and learn some gorgeous songs. I would highly recommend Lindsay's singing groups.

- Kat Rose

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I've attended 3 different events through Lindsays singing circles.
Lindsay is such a kind, motherly, nurturing lady with a wealth of knowledge. My first session was at singing mamas where my 3 year old and myself came along feeling welcomed and held. I had the most wonderful moment singing with my daughter on my chest (like the baby days). 

I then attended two more singing circles, one being themed "self compassion" in the most beautiful setting in Thornby - it was the perfect Friday evening with my friend. I came away feeling lighter, warm, held, empowered, listened to, no  judgement, nurtured and feeling a real buzz from singing empowering songs with a group of ladies

- Zara Sey

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