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Made of 100% Pure White Jade Stone, the Amrita Wand™ by WAANDS™ is designed for g-spot & cervical pleasure. The bulbous end “hooks” into the g-spot (or p-spot) to provide slow yet deep penetration. The Amrita Wand™ is commonly used for awakening the g-spot & cervix, evoking female ejaculation (“Amrita Orgasm”), and resensitizing the inside of the yoni to pleasure.


White Jade enhances luck & relationships, while promoting calm & peacefulness. It is known to support the health of the reproductive system.



  • Increasing internal sensitivity & pleasure
  • Cultivating a loving connection with your body & sexuality
  • Healing sexual shame
  • Increasing self-love & appreciation
  • Resensitizing the body to enjoy slow pleasure
  • Awakening the g-spot
  • Experiencing g-spot orgasm & female ejaculation



  • 17cm long x 3.5cm (bulbous end) x 2.5cm (thin end)
  • Made of 100% Pure White Jade Stone
  • Instructions for use in brochure
  • Microfiber pouch for safe keeping
  • Discrete packaging

White Jade Amrita Wand™


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