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Lindsay Dalton

Natural Voice Practitioner and Holistic Singing Teacher

Hi, I'm glad you found me here. I'm Lindsay, a natural voice practitioner based in Northamptonshire, leading singing circles with the purpose of bringing people back into connection to their voices and the human act of singing together.

I'm a strong believer in the power of community and nothing brings people together better than singing.


I run several singing communities in Northants, Beds, Bucks and Cambridgeshire, singing for wellbeing projects and retreats alongside my work within women's wellness.

I love teaching private singing lessons in Northamptonshire for both adults and children and pride myself in helping people to find their confidence and true embodiment of their voices.


When your voice feels good and you understand how to use it and care for it, the sound is naturally better so most of my focus is on helping students to tap into the wisdom with their own bodies to free their voices.

Sadly the joy of singing is often lost when we view the voice as a product and something to manipulate, which is why I am so passionate about the holistic whole person approach I take. 

My initial background was in Musical Theatre and I trained at Arts Educational School London, worked professionally as a singer and actress and have taken my own vocal studies for 25 years. 

I especially love to work with people who have always had a love of singing but have been led to believe they shouldn’t sing.

Everybody can sing and should sing!

Singing has so many amazing health and mental health benefits.

Singing is your birthright!

If you would like to find out more about my singing communities (you might call it a choir but it’s so much more), corporate sing for wellbeing workshops or private singing lessons please get in touch.


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